Official 1st Ticket Application

All the following time is in the Japan Standard Time (JST) zone.

Schedule for application acceptance/lottery result announcement

Application acceptance period

Wed, Oct 26/2022 12:00pm 

to Sun, Oct 30/2022 23:59

Lottery result announcement

Fri, Nov 04/2022 20:00 

(Estimated Time)

Eligible Applicants

All non-residents in Japan

How to confirm the results

Please check on the lottery result from Application Status Inquiry is here as soon as possible after the result is announced.


For application status inquiry, both Application Receipt Number that is shown on the acceptance completion screen and Password for application status inquiry that was registered at the time of application are required.


We will transmit a result notification email as support information at the time and date of the announcement above. However, if you don’t receive the email, please make sure to check on the lottery result in the (Application Status Inquiry) by yourself.


Please configure the setting to allow emails from @pia.co.jp to be received. The email cannot be retransmitted.


We are not responsible for any delay in delivery/non-delivery of the email due to an internet path failure or a misconfiguration of the mail server or the terminal you use.

*The system maintenance is conducted from 2:30am to 5.30am every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Details of the target Performance(s) for application


Tue, Nov 29/2022 18:00


Type of Seat/Price(Tax included): 1 day ticket - 22,000JPY

Wed, Nov 30/2022 18:00


Type of Seat/Price(Tax included): 1 day ticket - 22,000JPY

Notification on the Awards Ceremony

※ All seats reserved.
※ Please note in advance that the view of the awards ceremony may be limited depending on the seating.
※ Awards ceremony information including Performing artists line-up, venue, awards ceremony open hours and etc. are subject to change. Please check the official social media announcements for details.
※ Once purchased, ticket(s) cannot be changed, canceled, and/or refunded.
※ Performing Artists appearance may be canceled or changed due to changing circumstances. In that case, the ticket will not be refunded.
※ Re-entry to the venue is not allowed.
※ Ticket holder identification and baggage inspection will be conducted for all guests upon entry.
※ Details on identity verification method, baggage inspection, and prohibited items will be announced via social media from time to time. For international guests, we suggest they bring their passports and the actual credit card used for ticket application/purchase for identification verification.
※ The guest information entered upon ticket purchase will be checked/asked during identification verification.
Please make sure the guest information is provided correctly before purchase, as it cannot be edited once submitted.
※ Transferring or re-selling the ticket is strictly prohibited. Guests caught doing so will be asked to withdraw the ticket and leave the venue.
※ Please be aware that we do not accept gifts or flowers for all performing artists/casts.
※ Waiting in front of the waiting room is a nuisance not only to the performers, but also to the concert hall, nearby facilities and residents. Please refrain from doing such actions.
※ Filming, voice/video recording, and live streaming the awards ceremony is strictly prohibited. Guests caught doing so will be asked to withdraw the ticket and leave the venue.
※ Tickets cannot be reissued under any circumstances, including loss of ticket or belongings, destruction, theft, and damage. Entry to the venue will not be allowed without a valid ticket, and all guests are required to bring their tickets to the venue.
※ Entry to the venue may not be allowed when the printed information on the ticket is unverified.

COVID-19 Guidelines

  • This awards ceremony will be held after taking measures to prevent COVID-19.
  • Tickets are sold according to the venue's guidelines.
  • Under the directions from each entrance staff, the guests should tear-away the ticket stub by themselves upon entering. The staff will then take the ticket stub to allow guests' entrance.
  • The organizer will take responsibility for all personal information registered to the ticket application. Please note in advance that the collected information may be submitted to public institutions including health centers or venue depending on changing circumstances. All personal information provided by Guests will be stored for one month and destroyed via appropriate methods.
  • All guests should check their temperature before visiting/entering the venue on the day of the awards ceremony. Those that have a fever of 37.5 degrees celsius or higher will not be allowed to enter the venue.
  • Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection upon entering the venue.
  • Body temperatures will be measured with a contactless thermometer. Guests/Visitors with a body temperature of 37.5 degrees elsius or higher will not be allowed to enter the venue. (Tickets cannot be refunded in this case)
  • Please come to the venue wearing a mask. Guests/Visitors not wearing a mask will not be allowed to enter the venue. (Tickets cannot be refunded in this case)
  • Please refrain from talking/vocalizing in loud volume while waiting for entry and leaving the venue.
  • Cheering or shouting is prohibited during the awards ceremony.
  • We ask for all guests' cooperation, as we will conduct the awards ceremony upon taking preventive measures against COVID-19.
※Please note that this information is updated as of Oct 19th, 2022 (WED), and is subject to change or renewed until the awards ceremony date.

Flow of Application

  1. Details of the performances that accept applications
    Please check on the details of the target Performance(s) for application, and then proceed by clicking the “NEXT” button after confirming the precautions about the performance.
  2. Precautions
    Please proceed to an application input screen by clicking the “Agree” button after confirming the precautions for application and methods for settlement/Ticket Issuance
  3. Application Input
    Input the necessary items in the entry form. If there are any mistakes in the content of the inputs, an error message will be displayed. Please enter your information according to the instructions on the screen.
  4. Confirmation of your application content
    Please check on the inputs again when your application content is displayed. If there is no problem, please click the “Entry” button.
  5. Completion of Application
    The application is completed when the application completion message is shown on the screen.
    *The application completion email will be transmitted.
    *Please make sure to confirm your application content in the Application Status Inquiry pages.